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Main Floor

In renovating this great old family home into a bed and breakfast, we wanted to make sure that the comfort and needs of our guests came first.


We created a number of spaces that we want you to feel comfortable using during your stay.


Living Room


We’ve got lots of seating in front of the fireplace and the expansive windows, which look out to Blue Mountain and the forest surrounding the Manor.


Feel free to read a book, newspaper, or one of the many magazines to which we subscribe for your reading pleasure.


Make the space your own. Settle in and enjoy your coffee, tea, or a glass of wine.



Sherry’s Nook


Sherry helped a lot during our renos and she envisioned the concept for this space. It’s ideal for reading, having a morning coffee, or simply staring out into the beautiful forest and backyard of the Manor.


Whatever way you use the space, you’ll be enveloped by the cushy chairs, charmed by the stylish fuzzy footstools, and comforted by the shag rug that we placed here for you.



Dining Room


This stylish, comfortable room is flooded by beautiful natural light making it a great place in which to start your day.


Breakfasts are served here and if you bring take-out, you’re welcome to use the dining room anytime of the day during your stay.


We’re happy to provide plates, utensils, glasses – whatever you need to make your dinner or lunch special.




Please feel free to use the microwave and keep beverages cold in the fridge.


We’ll always try to make tea and coffee available. Need wine glasses? Please ask how we can help make your stay more comfortable and convenient.


Tourism Info and Computer


We’re connected to the local tourism association and try to keep abreast of everything going on. We keep our brochure racks stocked with relevant information to make your trip well rounded.


The Manor is fully WiFi-enabled and free for use with any of your own devices. However, should you need a computer, please use the laptop to connect to local resources or home.


Be certain to ask us for referrals or help with reservations and tickets.