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Best Bed and Breakfast, Burlington, ON

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Enjoy your stay at our bed and breakfast.

When you stay at a bed and breakfast, you want to enjoy the comforts of home in a location that offers access to a variety of amenities, including dining, entertainment, shopping, and outdoor recreation. Some of the best bed and breakfasts you have stayed at in the past have featured beautiful rooms in tranquil settings, and you are eager to find the best bed and breakfast to stay at in the Burlington, Ontario area.

Best Bed and Breakfast in Burlington, Ontario

Book your next stay at Craigleith Manor Bed & Breakfast and you will not be disappointed in the beautiful, tranquil setting surrounding our location or our access to some of the best opportunities for fun and relaxation in all of Ontario. We will make you feel right at home in one of our three distinctive and elegant guest suites, and we can provide information about all the opportunities for things to do, see, eat, and enjoy in the surrounding area.

What makes our location the best bed and breakfast in the area? In addition to the beautiful surrounding area, we take your privacy seriously. On any given evening, only six guests can enjoy the comfort and privacy of our boutique bed and breakfast. You can also dine indoors or outdoors and choose between a room with a queen bed or a king, all of which come with private ensuite baths and high-quality linens.

We are open 12 months a year, and we are excited to have you come and stay with us. Book your stay at the best bed and breakfast in the area today.

Best Bed and Breakfast