Cancellation & No Show Policy

We are a small business and cancellations affect us in a big way. We want to be fair since we know that your plans can change.

Cancellations on the 14th day or less before your reservation will be subject to a full room charge unless we are able to fill the vacancy. If we fill it, you are not charged anything. If we are unable to fill the vacancy, you will be charged the full room rate for your cancelled stay. You can convert this cancelled stay into a Gift Certificate for future travel. If you really are stuck and can’t use the room – let us issue a Gift Certificate equal to 100% of your cancellation charges and you can visit another time. Our gift certificates never expire. If you want you can even gift that Gift Certificate to someone else. We think that is really fair.

The most important thing is to talk to us – as soon as you know you may not be able to use a reservation and we can help you navigate through it all. If you have booked with Expedia or Air BnB you need to log-in to your account on those platforms and use the tools that they offer.

There is no charge for the cancellation of items within a package. For example, if there is a dinner reservation, a boat tour, bicycle rentals that you have reserved as part of a package there is NO charge for these items even if you cancel within the 14 or less days. The cancellation refers only to the room charges.

No show – if you simply do not show up for your reservation, you will be charged 100% of the cost of your stay.

Cancellations or changes due to COVID-19 Travel Restrictions

If any level of government or local health authority in Canada, Federal, Provincial or Municipal enacts or changes any law regarding our ability to be open or your ability to travel your reservation can be cancelled with no charges. Simple.

Any deposits paid will be cheerfully refunded to your credit card account ‘or’ you can accept a Gift Certificate for future reservations here at the B&B. Your choice. Our Gift Certificates never expire and can be redeemed for any future room booking or packages that we sell. You can also choose to change your reservation to a future date at no cost.

You can buy Trip Cancellation Insurance here.


When you reserve with us, a deposit equal to 50% of the cost of your reservation will be charged to your credit card when your reservation is made. This deposit is fully refunded if you cancel your reservation at least 15 days prior to your arrival date.


Check-in is anytime from 4pm to 9pm.

  • All rooms are guaranteed for arrival between these times. Do not rush to get here at 4pm. We will not give your room away. Ever.
  • Late arrival is a challenge. We risk disturbing other guests when we check people in after 9pm. If you must check in after 9pm, please call so we can discuss the timing.


Check-out is 11am.

  • We’re sorry, but we do not offer late check-out. We need all the time between 11am and 4pm to clean the rooms for the next guests.
  • Lost room key charge is $25.00 and will be charged to your account if you leave with a room key. Return the key and get your $25 refunded.

No Curfew 

Once you have checked in, you are a registered guest. You may use your personal front door access code to come and go as you please. If you are returning from a night our after 11pm, we ask that you do so quietly. Many guests will be in bed by that time. Thank you.

Non-Registered Guests

As a general rule, people who are not registered as guests are not permitted into the B&B. This is a private home, and for the safety and security of all guests and our home, we need to know who is here at all times. Under no circumstances are non-registered guests allowed in the guest bedrooms on the second floor. No non-registered guests are allowed anywhere in the B&B after 11pm.

Here are the exceptions that may allow non-registered guests on the main floor only:

  1. If you are meeting friends and they are picking you up at the B&B, they are permitted to enter.
  2. If you have rented the entire B&B, all 3 guest rooms, we will allow up to 4 other individuals to join you for socializing on the main floor common areas. You must make arrangements for this when you reserve, please. These guests must leave no later than 11pm.

Thank you for your understanding.


Thank you for staying at Craigleith Manor Bed & Breakfast. We ask that you respect our home during your stay. We expect regular wear on bedding, carpets, etc., and we replace them routinely when they show normal wear so that our guests are comfortable.

Extraordinary cleaning of stains on carpets, towels, damaged sheets, pillow cases, robes and duvet covers will be charged for. Should we not be able to remove stains left behind, we reserve the right to charge for replacement of the article damaged.

Food is not allowed in Guest Rooms

Just to be clear, because we are all adults, you can bring a bottle of wine or some beer. You can bring those in a soft cooler, no hard coolers allowed in the rooms. You can also keep your beverages in the Guest Fridge on the main floor. We will be  happy to provide you with wine glasses or beer glasses. You are responsible for any damages that result from any beverages spilled in the room. See Damages above.

You can bring some light snacks like chips or nuts. What you can’t do is bring a steaming hot pizza, fish and chips or Big Macs into the guest rooms. There is nowhere to eat a full meal in the room and it attracts bugs and mice. We live in a forest. You can eat your take-out in the dining room or on one of the main floor decks. These are great spaces for eating. The guest rooms are great spaces for sleeping.

Thank you for your understanding.

Privacy of Information

We respect your personal information. When we collect your information, we do so only to communicate with you about your stay with us, to allow the transaction of charges and to keep you informed about events at Craigleith Manor B&B or the local tourism region. You may unsubscribe from these communications or uses at any time. Rest assured none your personal information will ever be shared. We will never disclose the names of our guests past, current or future with anyone.

Personal Privacy at the Manor

While you are at the Manor, your personal privacy is very important to us. Each guest room has a secure locking door, and we encourage you to keep your room locked at all times. We will not enter your room without your express permission and then only to perform housekeeping tasks to enhance your comfort and the cleanliness of the space. We are not responsible for any missing items during your stay.

Personal Security

When you register at the Manor, you will receive a personal, four-digit access code for the front door of the B&B. This code allows you to come and go as you please. Only registered guests that day and the owners have codes. All other access points to the home are locked at all times. The B&B is in a very safe, quiet residential community of executive homes in Collingwood, Ontario.

Fire Safety

When we renovated the Manor in 2014, we replaced all fire and carbon monoxide alarms with a new interconnected alarm system. If smoke or carbon monoxide is detected in one area of the B&B, all alarms will sound. There are smoke detectors in each guest room, and a carbon monoxide detector on each floor as required by the Ontario Building Code. There is an emergency lighting system on the second floor where guest rooms are located which is activated if the power fails.

Emergency power

The Manor is equipped with a natural, gas-fired emergency power generator that supplies power to the most important parts of the B&B, including heating and air conditioning, fridges, stoves, WiFi and main floor lighting. We have only had this system in use a couple times since we moved here in 2014. Local power is reliable except in the worst of storms.

Inclusion & Respect

We are proud that we have guests from around the world and from every walk of life. We honour and respect the diversity of our guests, and we expect the same of everyone we invite into our home.


Our B&B was built as a private residence in 1996. While we have converted our private home to contain a B&B, we are not able to provide full accessibility to guest rooms for the disabled. Our guest rooms are on the second floor of our home and require climbing stairs to access them.


There is no smoking anywhere inside the B&B or on any balconies or decks. This includes any type of vapor pipes, electric cigarettes, tobacco or cannabis.

We allow smoking on our front covered porch or in the back or front yard. Please ask for an ashtray to contain butts. There is no smoking on the private balconies attached to the Forest and Mountain suites. Smoke will make its way inside the house if you use these areas. Thank you for your respect of our home and your fellow guests.

Environmental Impact

We work very hard to make as small an impact as possible on the environment. We use low-odour and low-phosphate cleaning solutions throughout the B&B. We recycle plastics, paper, metal and glass, and all compostable materials from our kitchen are directed to Simcoe County compost program. There are recycle bins in each room.

Drinking Water

Water at the Craigleith Manor is from the Town of Blue Mountains municipal water system and is of very high quality. Read the store here about the Town of Blue Mountains winning the American Water Works Association Award for the Best Tasting Water in North America.

Cologne-Free Home

We ask guests to consider the comfort of others and refrain from using strong colognes and perfumes during your stay. Many people have allergies that are triggered by these perfumes. Thank you.

Adult-Only Accommodation

When we envisioned the Manor, we saw a place for many different types of relaxation. We wanted to create a unique space for adults to unwind from work, family and the other stressors that we all face. Many of our guests choose Craigleith Manor for adult-only, quiet conversation and private time.

There are many local resorts, hotels, motels and Inns that accommodate people under the age of 19 years. We do not offer accommodation to individuals under 19 years of age. Thank you for your understanding.

Meet Rufus

We have a small dog. He is a miniature Schnauzer, and he is very friendly. He does not bark and never goes into guest rooms. He is hypo-allergenic and has hair like people and not fur like many other dogs. We do not allow other pets into our home.

Registered Service Dogs

If you can provide Service Dog registration ID under the Blind Persons’ Rights Acts and/or the Ontario Service Dogs Act when you reserve, we would be pleased to host you and your service dog. An additional service and cleaning fee may apply.


There is free parking for guests at Craigleith Manor. We have parking for 1 car for each room. If you need additional parking, please notify us in advance so we can make special arrangements. We cannot accommodate any type of trailer.


As a guest in our private residence, you are welcome to bring alcohol. We are not licensed, so we cannot sell alcohol. We have wine, champagne, cocktail glasses and ice, which we are pleased to share. What we don’t have is tolerance for people who disturb the peace and quiet of the B&B and the enjoyment of the quiet by other guests. We have a full-size guest fridge in the pantry area, which you are welcome to use to keep beverages cold.

If you are drinking in your guest room (and why wouldn’t you?), be aware that cleaning of stains on carpets, bedding and furniture will be charged to your credit card. See damages.


We work very hard to keep the Manor spotless. Guest room linens and towels are completely changed and ensuite bathrooms sanitized after each stay. Rooms are vacuumed and dusted and robes replaced. Our bed linens are expertly cleaned by Georgian Bay Wet Cleaners using a process without harsh chemicals that harm the environment.

For multiple night stays, we are happy to provide fresh towels, freshen your ensuite bath and make beds as required. We will not enter any guest room without advance permission to do so, except in an emergency. Please let us know how we can serve you best during your stay.